Art project done for the course ‘Intervention Design’. I wrote a program in Max4Live (MaxMSP) that uses emissions data and the rise of the average global temperature to create a soundscape with climate change data as its only ‘input’. The data set starts in 1850 (pre-industrial time), which is when measurements started.

In the course we analysed important developments in our current society and how, historically, change has happened at an increasingly quick pace. We spoke about important writers in the area of sociology like Theodor Adorno and Marshall McLuhan.

The topic I focused on was the way in which information about our degrading natural environment is absorbed by many people: distant and, in the world of Marshall McLuhan, like taking a hot bath. You are submerged into a field of information with that information often having little to no impact on your day-to-day life and often without you registering close to nothing from it.

So, I decided to set out on a mission to create an environment that literally confronts you with this data, but without you being able to see anything. They turned into a few soundscapes that should be experienced in a pitch black environment for maximum impact.


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